3 Exercises To Make You A Master Digital Piano Player

The days when buying a piano was an investment that too heavy on the pocket have long gone-by. With digital keyboards like the Williams Allegro 2 available, playing and mastering the piano has become easy. One can pick their favorite music from www.billboard.com/ and just begin practicing the notes. It sounds simple, but the reality is complex. To play the piano well, it demands a lot of time and dedication. It requires effort on the part of the player which is not only mental concentration but also physical dexterity.

Complete control over your fingers while they remain flexible is needed. The musician should be completely focused and able to endure long hours of practice. For all these qualities to develop a good, fit and healthy body is required. The best way to do so is exercise. So, in this article, we list down a few workout techniques that help you develop the muscles of the hand, arm, and fingers. Here are three exercises that will help relax you and play the richest sound possible.

• The first exercise is called wrist bending. Begin by extending one arm in front of your body position the other arm beneath the first. Let’s say you extend the left hand. Place the right-hand fingers below the left hands. Now use them to pull the fingers backward. Maintain this position for at least three seconds. Remember to breathe the entire time. Release the hold after three secs and then push these same fingers down and towards you. Again, the position of three seconds while breathing deeply. Repeat the exercise for the other set of fingers.
• The next set of exercise is called finger lifting. The exercise is straightforward but has a significant impact on the flexibility and control of the fingers. The task is to lay all your fingers on a flat surface. Then start by lifting one finger at a time as high as possible while the rest stay flat. Hold this lifted position for five seconds. After each finger has been lifted, hold all fingers high at the same time for 5 secs. Repeat the exercise for the fingers of the other hand. It may seem problematic to lift the middle fingers very high at the beginning, but with practice, the inner fingers will gain control too.
• The last workout for your fingers and wrist is called wrist rotation. You will need to sit on a chair for this that has armrests. Lay your forearms on the rest. Ensure that while the chair entirely supports the wrist, your fingers are hanging loose and free. Begin by bending the wrists backward. Slowly lift your hands in a motion that is towards you. Now bend the wrists back to the downward pose. This exercise should be done at least ten times. Do more repetitions if you have been practicing the exercise from before.

There are much more exercises that can help build finger muscles. Each plays an essential part in helping you control the fingers to produce the sound you desire from a digital piano.

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