Herpes Symptoms, Treatments And Precautions

Herpes is one of the common STD, and many people don’t even realize that they are affected by Herpes unless they go through std testing los angeles. Though there is no cure as such to cure herpes, you can reduce the symptoms and the possibilities of spreading the disease from one person to another person. You can have a look on the various symptoms and signs of herpes in http://medicinenet.com/ to get yourself checked in the earlier stagesManlier times herpes don’t show any symptoms. When they start to show signs, it can start as blisters around the genital areas or anus. When the first outbreak of sores happen, it is worse, and it may take weeks or sometimes months to have the subsequent outbreaks. The outbreaks which happen later on will not be severe and heals much faster over time.

Though there is no complete cure for herpes, the symptoms like an outbreak of sores can be reduced as long as the infected person continues the antiviral medications. Taking these medicines on a regular basis will reduce the risk of spreading the virus to another person.
Protection methods like condoms will reduce the risk of passing herpes to a greater extent though it is not 100% effective. Instead of taking chances you and your partner should refrain from having sexual or skin contact till they are complexly cured. When the sores pop up the virus, tend to spread easily.

The most effective way not to get infected by STD is to stay away from any sex-related activity and lead your life with a single partner who has negative herpes tests. It is advisable to make use of latex condoms during sex to avoid transmission and make use of dental dams to avoid the infection getting spread. Herpes usually spreads through skin contact and condoms; dental dams will not prevent the spread of virus completely.

Genital herpes virus spreads through sexual contact. It can spread even if the virus doesn’t show up any signs or symptoms of infection. Once the virus enters your skin, it will travel all the way to your nerve paths and will become stagnant in the nerves. We can’t neglect the virus since it is dormant as it will start to travel back to the skin surface when any new virus enters the body. During such time the virus can lead to an outbreak of symptoms, and in some cases, it may remain without being detected.

In both the cases, the virus spreads from one person to another through sexual contact. There is no assurance that Using a condom will prevent spreading of disease. The virus can be active if they are present in the exposed skin. The only difference is the number of recurrences or outbreaks.

Manlier times the infection spreads from one person to another without the knowledge of the infected person. In some cases, you can notice the symptoms only after few days or weeks after you have had a sexual contact.

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